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Are you laser-focused? If not, let us help

With so many options and available information, it can easily become overwhelming when operating a business.  Here is my suggestion, get laser-focused.  Since leaving the State Government, I have become an author, self-published my 1st book, “How I survived 31 years in the cubicle..(a guide to soft skills), published a 2020 planner Her 2020 Planner (COMING SOON Vision Planner 2021), several workbooks and an ebook, “4 Tips on Self Publishing“, coupled with policies and manuals for clients and my business, all in three years. I was able to do these things because I got laser-focused on a specific target, my business. 

To help others who may be struggling with developing a target and having a laser-focus mindset, we started a 60 Day Challenge – Business Bootcamp on November 1, 2020 and ending on December 31, 2020.  What better time to get your business ready for the new year.  The first week of the Bootcamp was very impactful.  Working with the participants on creating a narrow and specific target was the goal for the entire week.  The participants used this opportunity to look at what they wanted to accomplish and how they could narrow the focus to get the most accomplished.  Starting or growing a business is a big undertaken but done correctly, it can be very rewarding with minimum stress. 

Here is an overview of 3 powerful tips that I have used to narrow my focus to get the most done. 

There are still available spots to join the 60 Day Challenge – Business Bootcamp for just $39.00. You will receive an accountability coach, a workbook/worksheets, weekly expert speakers, and the Facebook private group.

To sign up now, complete the link https://forms.gle/m6tVwVhfFSQBM9xD8

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